Why Swimming

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Guaranteed System

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Pay Only For Results. Not For Hours 

Learn to Swim in 12 Hours, GUARANTEED!  No pressure if you can't get it, if you take longer, we'll continue to teach for FREE until you get it! How is this possible? We're a research-based company, focusing on fine-tuning our state of the art research to help our student learn to swim in the shortest time possible.  *Applicable for 7- 55years. Non-special needs (Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, etc). We will teach until you graduate, limited up to 1 year (once a week / class).

Minimal Touching

7 Days x 14 Hours

Privacy Respected. 

To counter Sexual Harassment Issues for the Ladies & Muslim Students, Our High-Tech research has enabled us to teach our students without needing to touch our students!  We respect the privacy of our students learning experience & took the initiative to invent such a system while maintaining high efficiency in your learning experience.

*Our NO TOUCHING policy is Applicable for 12 years old & above, younger students would require some physical guidance to maximize learning speed

Swimin12 Flexible Schedule
Choose Your Slots

Busy Schedule?  No problem!
No more waiting for fixed slots, Our Team of Full Time Dedicated coach teach 7 days a week, from Dusk to Dawn. If you require a group class, we will find a new friend for you OR choose your own friends! Our forgiving system has No Penalty / Burned $$$ as long as you cancel at least 2 hours in advance.

Water Phobia Specialist

Swimin12 Water Phobi Specialist


We're very good with students who are afraid of Water. We have successfully helped hundreds of students who have failed to learn outside for 6-8 months & our magic system got them swimming in 1 - 3 hours! We make Fear a thing of the past with our advance perspective manipulation techniques. We study & analyze your body language, facial expression, tone of your voice and the words that are coming out of your mouth to make live diagnostics of your problem & provide accurate solutions to deliver FAST RESULTS

No Hidden Cost

Test Drive

Swimin12 No Hidden Cost
Save $$$ Long Term

Learn once & you're set for life! No expensive unproductive equipment to buy, no registration fees (on Guaranteed Program), no surprise cost. Learn it Fast, Fun, Efficient & Cost-Effectively

Swimin12 Free Trial
Feed Your Curiosity 

Too Afraid, Too Old, Too Fat, Failed with many instructors, Disabled, Destined not to touch water, I already know how to swim... we've heard it all. Come enjoy a no-obligation eye-opener to a whole new world of learning water physics vs. the human potential. READ NO MORE. CALL NOW!

8 Hidden Benefits

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