Our Expertise

Swimin12 Specialize in Teaching Swimming for 3 Key Applications. Energy Efficient Swimming, Practical Survival Skills & Therapy. (Non-competitive) We pride ourselves in teaching in an Efficient Learning Environment. Where we conduct Private Lessons of not more than 4 students in the class to maximize effectiveness.

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With Swimin12's Main focus on Research & Development, we have successfully invented & tested a few new strokes, with intelligent breakthrough teaching methods to use the least amount of energy to travel the furthest distance in the water. We specialize in teaching swimming skills set for Non-competitive exercise, only swimming strokes for leisure swimming.
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All Swimin12 module is designed with the practicality of every stroke in mind, instead of focusing on learning the strokes to meet competitive requirements. You will learn to counter various Survival Scenarios like simulating swimming in the sea,  prevent water from entering the nose/mouth. Countering Cramp in the deepwater & much more Practical Survival Knowledge
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We have helped students with Autism, Hyperactive, Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Blind, Deaf, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to find their newfound freedom in the water. Leveraging on the swimming platform to relax, heal & exercise. We have been the pioneer in  combining advance psychology with swimming platform to re-program the mind to build positive thoughts, increase intelligence & many more long term benefits

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