Peace of Mind: Pay for skills sets, Not for Hours. 

Guaranteed Program (7-55 Years old)

When you go to a doctor, you'd like to focus on how will you get well instead of asking how many pills am i paying for. Like the  Swimin12 Guaranteed Program, you wouldn't need to focus on how many classes you will get but how fast can you learn to swim!


*All Swimin12 Guaranteed Modules are taught & charged on a guaranteed basis, where we charge a 1-time fee & committed to teaching you until you achieved the skills set, regardless of hours needed (limited to 1 year). So you'll have a peace of mind learning with no pressure. The duration may vary depending on your learning speed. Average Completion time: 3 - 10 months.  Available for 7 -55 Years old.

FREE Assessment (A)

  Assess, Diagnose & recommend Suitable Course

1 hour

A full assessment to check student's level,  if foundation is already strong, we'll continue to teach  according to the next needed skills. 

Recommended Guaranteed Package (Small Group Class)

*NEW Students Starts Here~


Foundation + Relaxation Module

For student who would like to learn sufficient swimming skills for 4 feet pool (average condo / hotel height pool), get rid of any fear, beginners & those who are still exploring swimming as an alternative exercise. All Beginner Students Starts here.

RM 1800

Est Completion: 3-6 months

Foundation + Relaxation + Exercise Module

For thoses who would like to improve strong swimming foundation with main purpose of just exercising different muscles with different strokes in a 4 feet pool (average condo / hotel height pool)

RM 3000

Est completion time: 3-8 months


Pool Rental - RM 12 per lesson  

If travelling to student's location, No pool rental charges is needed, only cover coach's taxi fees.


Foundation + Relaxation + Exercise + Survival Module

For those who would like to learn sufficient swimming skills to swim & survive in any deep pool or sea. (Non Competitive) Also suitable for beginners who are sure they'd like to learn all the way & enjoy a whooping RM600 savings!

RM 3400

Est Completion: 4-10 months


Survival Module Only OR Pay Per Lesson

For student who can swim well & would like to learn the detailed physics of water, crucial water survival skills we'd recommend a free trial class & suggest a package / pricing that's most cost efficient for your level.

RM 800 - RM 3000

Est completion time: 3 - 20 lessons 


​Small Group Policy  

Not more than 4 students in a group. Kids will be separated with adults & if operationally possible, rougly  about the same skill level


Foundation Module (F)

​ - Basic Water Physics

 - Breathing 

 - Maneuvering

 - Gliding Breaststroke

 - Breaststroke

 - Wall Kicking

Relaxation Module (R)

 - Floating
 - Squid
 - Reaction Training
 - Relaxation Techniques

Exercise Module (E)

 - Backstroke
 - Freestyle
 - Advance Breathing Technique

Water Survival Module (S)

 - Diving
 - Somersault
 - Increase Alertness
 - Switch
 - Sea Swimming simulation
 - Swimming without Hands
 - Swimming without Legs
 - Underwater swimming 15m

Deep Pool Test (T)

 - Survival Test (Wave simulation)

 - 50m Swim Test (with switch)

 - 6 ft Diving Retrieve & Pass

Small Group - RM 1400
Private 1 on 1 - RM 1600

Recommended for both beginners & advance swimmers to experience our Energy Efficient Swimming Techniques to Swim Gracefully with least amount of enegry used.

*Recommended for beginners to be taken with Relaxation Module (R)

Small Group - RM 800
Private 1 on 1 - RM 1000

Learning how to use the water to relax, survive with floating skills, learn the MOST energy efficient swimming stroke: "The Squid" discovered by Swimin12. Train your reaction to react to emergency situations as Knowledge usually disappears when you need it the most, reactions puts you on automation.

Pre-requisite: Foundation (F)  Module

Small Group - RM 1400
Private 1 on 1 - RM 1600

Need an alternative exercise platform?  Try learning alternative Cardio exercise using the swimming platform. In this module we'll enable you to master the complex freestyle faster than you could say WOW! & improve your techniques to increasing the distance you could swim


Foundation (F)  Module

Relaxation (R) Module

Small Group - RM 800
Private 1 on 1 - RM 1000

Learn to adapt to the ever moving water,  learn crucial knowledge to save yourself from  various survival scenarios while enhancing your alertness, build automatic respond mechanism to be highly adaptable. 


Foundation (F)  Module

Relaxation (R) Module

RM 200

1 hour

Learned it all? Time to be officially certified by Swimin12!  Implement what you learn LIVE on our  survival simulation test. Don't be alarmed by the word "test", by the time you've finished our course, the test is merely a recognition for your achievements & pure hard work. 
* NO ONE FAILS IN OUR TEST! unlike traditional educational system, we do not put our students to the test if they are not ready.


You are never too old to set a new goal, or to dream a new dream. Our oldest student: 81 Years old. Still think you're too old? Time to pick up a life skill & enjoy the water!!


 4 Classes a month = RM 350 (RM87.5/ Class)

 8 Classes a month = RM 420 (RM52.5/ Class)


3 Months Advance Payment Discount:

 4 Classes a month = RM 330 (Save RM 20/ month

 8 Classes a month = RM 400 (Save RM 20/month)



​Crash Course
Senior Coach: 
RM   160 per lesson
RM 1300 for 10 lessons
Master Coach - RM 230 per lesson  

Looking to improve new skills set during your Holidays in Malaysia? Rushing for a Diving / Scuba / School Examination? Take our crash course lesson to get the job done intensively in a short time.
*No Trial for Crash Course.

Senior Coach:

2 pax RM220

3 pax RM250
4 pax RM280
Master Coach:

2 pax RM330

3 pax RM360
4 pax RM390

Only Senior & Master Coaches with more than 3 years teaching experience are allowed to teach Swimin12 Crash Course.

Why are we priced slightly higher than the rest? 
The value & speed that we could enable you to swim will SAVE you loads of TIME, MONEY, LONG TERM PAIN, TRAUMA & UNPRODUCTIVE LOGISTICS ARRANGEMENTS to attain a swimming skills set! Ask any of our students who spent months & years learning from the traditional method. They got their old habits or trauma fixed with us in matter of minutes or a few hours! *No Joke!
*Check out their Testimonials & Ask them directly @ Facebook