Well, if you need some extra boost for your swimming competition, we’ve got you covered. Our special program definitely can help to get through it b providing you the training you ever needed.


To be more specific, we have :-

Elite Program

What’s great about this Elite Program? Well, you will be trained by Daniel Bego, a Malaysian swimmer who specializes in freestyle and butterfly events.


The month fee –

RM450 (5 days per week)










Classes that will guide you to becoming a champion for a competition. Sufficient and right training will be provided.


The monthly fee –

RM320 (4 classes)     |     RM400 (8 classes)

*Registration – RM150, no pool rental needed



Also, last but not least, we have also offering Crash Course. Which suitable for temporary resident that living in Malaysia – whether on holidays or studying, or to those who are looking for new skills in diving, scuba, or school examination.


Crash Course will be done intensively in a short time. Fees as below :-


Senior Coach

2 pax RM200

3 pax RM240

4 pax RM270


Master Coach

2 pax RM300

3 pax Rm360

4 pax RM400




What is

Special Program?

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