Over the years we have developed an adaptive program for our special needs students: Asperger, Autistic, ADHD & many more, we identify an appropriate instructor for your child, study each individual child closely & personalized our lessons for them focusing not only rushing to attain swimming skills but we aim to achieve more with refining their motor skills, improve the child's attention span, interaction with other student & coaches, enhancing their social, emotional & vocational development. 

Swimn12 Special Needs Classes



Patience is a must as a student with special need takes longer to perform simple tasks, understanding is the key for development, no matter how long it takes, our coaches give the child time to complete the task, having a sense of humor helps along the way too

Patient Swimming Coach



Our Special Education Coach works alongside a student with various problems. No matter the issue, our coaches accept all children and interacts with dignity & respect. Even special needs children who are unable to communicate properly can sense negativity, frustration, especially when a coach is uncomfortable. Therefore our coaches are trained to accept

Swimming Inclusion Program



New teaching techniques are developed on a regular basis to keep lessons fun, effective, & break down simple steps into way tinier achievable steps for our special needs students to keep meeting their goals & gain interest in swimming

Swimming Coach Malaysia



It is important to provide a calm environment when dealing with special students. When a child feels safe, their anxiety is reduced, then they are more likely to be open to learning.

Special Needs (Only 1 to 1 Private)
Senior Coach - RM 140 per lesson | RM 1300 for 10 lessons
Master Coach - RM 180 per lesson   

We customize our swimming lessons for special needs: Autistic, ADD, Hyperactive, Extreme Short Attention Span, stc.